Muscle & Fitness is the leading magazine for health and fitness in the UK, consistently outselling all other magazines in its field.

Muscle & Fitness magazine provides a serious guide to body development, offers complete health and fitness routines necessary for any sports person training to be competitively successful and is an essential guide for the professional trainer wishing to keep ahead of advances within this rapidly expanding field.

Muscle & Fitness encourages an ‘active lifestyle’ and provides readers with cutting edge training information from exercise and nutrition, to state of the art equipment and sports accessories. Muscle & Fitness is published by Weider Publishing UK.

The Weider Group is the world’s leading fitness publisher and defines the strength training principles of hundreds of internationally recognised amateur and professional athletes.

>> We Founded The Industry - 70 YEARS OLD

In 1940, health and fitness pioneer Joe Weider created a newsletter called ‘Your Physique’, which evolved into Muscle & Fitness, Weider Publications’ very first magazine – and its flagship brand. Today, Muscle & Fitness is printed in 16 local editions in more than 22 countries, reaching a worldwide audience of over 7 million fitness aware readers.

>> Who Reads Muscle & Fitness?

Muscle & Fitness is a lifestyle magazine for dynamic, active men and women who are passionate about improving their bodies and their health. The magazine’s reason for being is to provide those men and women with information they need to get in shape and stay that way. Each issue includes detailed cutting edge programmes on exercise, strength training and nutrition, as well as articles on fitness, performance, psychology, physiology, sports medicine, weight management and self-image.

Muscle & Fitness has been a trainer and mentor to generations of dedicated fitness enthusiasts around the world for more than 70 years. The magazine is frequently quoted in the media as the last word on fitness and health related topics.

>> The Right Editorial Mix

The Muscle & Fitness editors provide the perfect mix of features and information every month:
Readers have come to rely on Muscle & Fitness to give them the latest information on training, nutrition, sports medicine – even fashion and technology. Each month reader’s questions are answered by leading experts and personal training techniques are demonstrated by renowned fitness professionals.



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